Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Motivation for Finals

As the semester is wrapping up, finals are nearing as well. While the stress of exams, final projects, and assignments is increasing, our motivation may just as well be decreasing. It is at this time at which I often see people just "giving up" because they are basically "done" the course. This, ultimately, may affect your grades but more importantly, shows your level of perseverance. Though finals may not be worth much in high school, university is a different story. The majority of your grades are based on one or two tests which cover an immense amount of material. Therefore it is critical to build up your aptitude before you enter the mysterious world of post secondary education. Here is a motivational speech which I found quite inspiring- I hope it motivates you to study hard for your finals as well!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Semester 1

Wow- semester one of Science Academy is coming to an end! I can hardly believe we've already come this far, both in time and in learning. Four months ago, I didn't think I had it in me to work a little faster,study a little harder, and sleep a little later. As they say, "no pain no gain"- I can definitely say I have gone through some struggles along the way, but more importantly, I have gained so much!

This past semester has been quite an eye opening experience. I learned a lot about myself- my strengths and weaknesses. I have been exposed to stressful situations, and this has challenged my skills, judgement, and abilities in a way I had never been tested before. I realized that cramming for a test the night before may get you somewhere, but that somewhere may not always be where you want to be. I also realized that as long as you know you have worked to the best of your capabilities, the rest will come easily.

For those of you who are currently deciding on taking this course next year, I highly recommend it. Though it has only been a few months, we have been given an abundance of opportunities to expand our learning outside of the classroom by the most hardworking teachers in our school. Do not underestimate your abilities- you will be surprised at how quickly you will adjust to the course. Everyone will have to face stress and failure at some point in their lives, and it is optimally better to do it now when you have time to develop your skills. Most importantly if you work hard, I can assure you, you will see results.