Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Enviro-Biz Case Competiton

On the weekend, I attended my first ever business case competition, another opportunity presented to me by Science Academy. I wanted to expand my horizons and see how well I enjoyed business. Since I am quite passionate about the environment and sustaining it, I was excited to see what our case topic would be. We were grouped in teams of two university students and two high school students, which allowed us to interact with a variety of like-minded individuals. I had never participated in a case competition before, so I had yet to experience reading and preparing a case presentation for our judges, and to present it, all within the same day. It was very nerve-wracking, yet I enjoyed it as well. The case we were presented with was to do with BC's controversial debate about LNG and fracking. Along with gaining presentation/organizational skills, I also learned quite a bit about the actual subject matter while I was researching. Overall, I left the business competition with a new understanding of what studying business would be like, and I also developed a lot of useful skills.


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