Sunday, 8 March 2015

Home Stretch!

It's spring break, which means I am coming to the end of my very last semester at Fraser Heights! It seems so surreal, yet at the same time it feels as though I've been waiting for graduation for a while already. Nevertheless, these new few months call for my full focus as exam season rolls around.

These next two weeks are the calm before the storm; the storm being our SFU Finals, three AP exams, and in my case, a provincial exam, which all fall between April and early May. These tests will showcase our learning throughout the past two years, and hopefully leave us feeling accomplished.

With exam season comes the responsibility of studying (of course!). One of the most important things I have learned from Science Academy is finding my ideal study method. You may have heard of the common saying, "Study smarter, not harder." As most of us have probably experienced, at times I've seen my marks inaccurately reflecting the extent to which I thought I understood the material. I then began to realize that to excel on an exam, not only did I have to understand content, but I also had to be an effective test-taker. To elaborate, I had to be concious of my time, be able to maintain a clear, focussed mind, and also understand the format of the test. Additionally, I had to better prepare myself prior to the test. While I was studying for a good amount of time, my study methods were not working for me. Over time, I discovered that rewriting notes worked better for me than flashcards. Watching tutorial videos often helped me retain information more than reviewing textbook material. I also found out that studying with friends was beneficial after I revised individually. While I have yet to master my study techniques, I believe that I am more apt than I was in Grade 11.

One of my year-end goals is to be a better test-taker, and I see my upcoming tests as an opportunity to prove to myself how far I have come in my journey of learning. With this mindset I plan on studying harder smarter during the upcoming weeks!

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